Creative Writing Editor's picks

Onion Eyes

by Hannah Yale

lying in bed, peeling off my skin–

I try to be careful but I always end up bleeding.

it’s impossible to escape the pain,

and I don’t want to pass it on.

hands like smoke

and sunken, onion eyes–

a candle, bleeding at both ends.

everything goes dark as I fall and hit the floor, alone

take my skin away from me,

take my body, please–

I am already invisible,

trudging endlessly through sleepless nights

a sleepless life, alone.

and I don’t give a shit anymore.

I am too tired; I have too much rage.

I know I’m a disaster with sour breath and flaming hair,

a mess with a pen and a paintbrush 

just trying to feel something–

but i will love myself through it all because i know

that i am doing the best i can with what i have right now

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