Creative Writing Editor's picks

A Look Towards the Catholic God

by Jacq Mayoral Olascuaga

I think God is dead.

He killed himself eons ago,

causing the Big Bang to go boom.

It makes the most sense.

After all,

being the only cosmic immortal being would get 

lonely and knew that the only way to bring life

was to end His own.

It’s heroically poetic in a sense.

Giving your life up for others.

No it doesn’t explain figures 

such as Jesus and his saints.

But it would explain away 

how so many atrocities are acted upon

without someone inhuman getting involved.

surely a divine being would see,

the senseless deaths of His own creation,

and put a stop to it.

But there hasn’t been a stop to it.

There never will be a stop to it.

Sinless people will never not die.

God will never answer our prayers.

And there is no Queen of England.

God is dead.

But we never killed him.

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