Creative Writing Editor's picks

baby’s first haircut

by Jacq Mayoral Olascuaga

Last night, I went to town

I had two beautiful ladies accompanying me 

Three technically, that is if you count the one who stood aside,

She did nothing besides simply watching us consummate

I was nervous, obviously, I dreamed of this moment for so long

So much could go wrong,

So much went right.

The first women, with legs crafted from a blacksmith, had helped me the most

The second woman, understated and never of use to me, finally became useful when she finished me off

The third woman, someone I didn’t even think would stay, only provided commentary and quips

When it went wrong, she was the only one who provided comfort in between her laughter

Music had accompanied us,

It tends to follow me along though I didn’t pay much mind this time

Fading into white noise as I spent my time with the two women by my hands

After everything though,

After they left me dazed and starry eyed,

I learned to hide myself with hats and wraps


Ever so slowly, 

Will I be able to look at myself in the mirror again

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