Creative Writing

us and the multiverse theory

by Jacq Mayoral Olascuaga

Chrysippus wrote about it first,

about there being many “us”.

Intangible but still around us.

There’s a lot happening to us

all at the same time but not.

Isn’t that weird?

There’s countless of me.

And infinite of you.

But here right now? 

There’s only one me and one you.

And that’s kinda really great.

But we’re not meant to be.

Maybe in a different universe;

We live in a little apartment and 

are full of love for each other-

Or maybe we never met and 

I’ll never know how your smile 

makes me feel like gelatin.

There’s many maybes and what ifs.

But there’s only one me and one you.

And what that means for us is that 

we ran our course, we felt like nothing before.

And that’s enough for me.

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