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Essence: The Manifesto of Spiritual Currency

By Ryan Solot

Written from Olympia, Washington 

A connection between and among every being on Earth, resembling a society where everyone “makes a living” based on and revolving around essence. Everyone is born with an essence or a manifestation of one’s own intuition. In this concept economy, one’s wealth is in or replaced by one’s essence because a person can strengthen or become insensitive to what governs their intuition. A person’s essence is observed purely on the fact that we can tell if someone we have met before is feeling different, such as drunk, sick, asleep, or any other change in impression. 

There is part of a person’s essence that can only be observed when connecting to the Bank of Essence. One essence inhabits each human being, (or life form for that matter) yet each person has the ability to access every essence and can strengthen this ability throughout one’s career. The access to this power is what the value of essence is backed in. Essence operates on all plains of existence and can affect things in our physical and conscious dimension, giving the “super rich” hero-like abilities or seemingly none at all. Beings can use their essence to access the things they need to support themselves, their children and other loved ones (if not everybody by the time we can utilize essence like this). Essence and the Bank of Essence can be accessed by “going” into different dimensions, getting/being the things you need and manifesting them in an agreed upon dimension. This can all occur through things mediation, rituals, technology, etc and the mind is undergoing an altered state of consciousness while one does the work they are engaged in. In short, essence is the energy that develops individuality, creativity, and many other distinctions when it interacts with a body. 

Essence can only be considered and used to “pay” people and get things we need (food, water, mental/physical health, services, etc) once the belief that I am you, you are me, and we are everything is established. Essence is the evolution of taking, bartering, buying and now being! It would create a society that uses “religion” to account for economy, survival, mental health, and most importantly allows for energetic evolutionary growth. 

One adds to or strengthens their essence through a process called Reassociation. This occurs when one goes from associating with one body and the flow of one environment or terrain to a different one. It is possible and often the case that a person may be associated with more than one body and or environment. There can be multiple essences in one body, multiple essences to make up one larger body, even multiple bodies under an essence strong enough to support them all. Essence exists in the way it does because of the law that energy is not created or destroyed but shared and passes through beings that may or may not be able to manipulate it to certain degrees. Each person starts with equal access to the Bank of Essence because it is the parent of your consciousness. Children tend to be more spiritual based on their proximity (time) to their life now and before they were born when they had to live in the Bank of Essence before meeting their body. Essence is more visible with the adoption of Egg theory and the lore of pagan and ancient religions but is all around us constantly if you know what to look for. 

One who has a potent and deep connection with their intuition is wealthy, that’s all it takes. Bartering is a process that harbors essence since one can give or take energy from matter. Essence as an economical currency is “just” because it upholds people to judge each other subjectively based on the quantity and type of energy people are emitting (large amounts of nervousness, impotent quantities of longing, overwhelming amounts of love etc), everyone is constantly emitting energy and people can control what they emit (through practice) just as people cannot control what they emit. Individuality is the key to unity and though this may seem inconvenient it is our greatest ally because the universe is expanding and our job is to make as close to an infinite configuration of experience and perspective as we can, to actually achieve fulfillment.

Author’s Note –  please take this with a grain of salt. Please adapt this concept to your own spiritual beliefs. Please question this concept and try to poke as many holes in it as you can so they can try to be filled. Meaningful existence is an important responsibility that we will learn more about as a population in the coming years, if any. 

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