Creative Writing


by Mike Burcl

A swift revolving door 

Of broken connection 

Swings myself into your direction 

As you breathlessly take hold of my mood

Always radiating confidence, sunshine, and happiness into every single room

Filled to the brim with 

Tranquil nerve-calming winds 

Spilling out of those lovely angelic lips

Delivering a message of soul, spirit, self empowered love

Darling you are nothing less 

Then a river of nirvana pouring down from above

Surrounding my conscious state

O love bird let me be your emerald lake 

Reflecting star filled galaxies of the endless good times 

Pictured in this silly little mammals slumbering optimisticly passionate hopeful tender mind

You sit resting the brown windows to your sight 

as I dream

That you’ll open your eyes 

So the question can come alive

Grace my Mediterranean marvel of tonight 

Come on this adventure and stand by my side

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