Creative Writing


By Charlotte Steiger

everyday feels like yesterday

watching myself

grasping for control

consciousness regained by the power of my own will

dependency runs dependent on a source

on a body without a brain

a mind

a soul

when are you going to tell her you’re back

the pressure rises

orchestrating myself back within.

the sound of my heart tunnels-

we’re already falling behind

the evolution of my confusion ensues

frustration without resolvement

i find myself yearning for something i already have

it’s you

it’s always been you

with you it’s like i’m settling

in the midst of my own disintegration

i convince myself you’re not there anymore

look what you’ve done to me.

for everyday i choose patience

comes another day where i struggle to avoid my own demise

and without a moment’s intermission

i’m back where i first started

where everyday feels like yesterday

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