Creative Writing

Of Trees and Admiration

by Jacklynn Uhlig

There was a tree within a great forest. 

A sapling, really. 

All she wanted was to be loved and grow alongside another tree for a hundred years. She saw the many other trees and humans around her growing and loving together.

Unfortunately, she was only admired for her bright-colored leaves and flowers, which fell in autumn-time, when she was not admired at all. 

When the forest was thin, she saw far away, a birch tree and she fell in love, because like her, the birch tree shed themself a new layer of bark every season. 

With determination, and a hundred years, she grew in the direction of this birch tree, never ever knowing if they felt the same.

When she reached them, it was the Unadmirable Time of Autumn. 

This birch tree saw past the fallen beauty of her leaves and floral accessories, and fell in love with her energy. 

When springtime came, she bloomed new flowers with great vibrance, and the birch thought her all the more beautiful. 

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