Atheena: The Greek Goddess Trio That’s Rocking Underground Chicago

And the faithful dinner at Denny’s that started the up-and-coming garage punk band

By Kaylee Sugimoto with photos by Charlotte Steiger

A while back, Atheena put up an ad on their Instagram story looking for a drummer. A few minutes later, sixteen-year-old Josh Beardsley sent them a message saying he was interested.

“We were like, ‘alright, you’re in,’” guitarist and singer Dom Malgioglio says. 

Dom Malgioglio, Marcy Avilez, Josh Beardsley

The band was originally a duo with Malgioglio and bassist Marcy Avilez. Once Beardsley joined, they rebranded through an argument at Denny’s, aiming for “something pretty to mask their dirty sound.” 

Atheena with an extra “e” was the final. It was pretty yet distinguished. 

Now, Atheena has released a self-titled EP and their newest single, “Bipolars.” They consistently play live in garage venues all around Chicago, sharing their political views and spreading awareness of certain topics through a common ground that everyone can share and experience together: music. 

Malgioglio has read up on feminism and recently started writing more political songs. Some of these are about the summer riots regarding Black Lives Matter and the tensions between Ukraine and Russia.  

“It’s just all pissing me off,” Malgioglio said. 

Avilez and Malgioglio are both from South Side Chicago, while Beardsley is from Aurora. 

While both Avilez and Malgioglio agreed that growing up in a rough area influenced their sound, Beardsley simply gave us a shrug. 

“I just hit things and it sounds good.” 

As Atheena grows in success, they continue to share their rundown sound while emphasizing real-world events. It’s beautiful, dirty, ugly, loud, and deranged all in one. 

“Who’s the most dramatic?”

Dom Malgioglio: Definitely Marcy. Without a doubt. Bass player is the most dramatic one for sure. 

Marcy Avilez: No I agree, I can be dramatic for sure. Harsh on the bass player line, though. 

Josh Beardsley: It’s always the bass players though. 

Dom Malgioglio: Bro freaks out about everything. 

“Who gives the worst relationship advice?” 

Dom Malgioglio: The bass player. Definitely Marcy. 

Marcy Avilez: I mean, I always give my friends relationship advice and two weeks later they always end up getting dumped. I’m like the last person you want to listen to. 

“Who’s most likely to end up on a reality TV show?” 

Dom Malgioglio: Oh. Um….

Marcy Avilez: Probably Josh! How do you feel about that Josh? 

Josh Beardsley: I mean, I don’t know why…why would you guys…

Dom Malgioglio: I don’t know, you just have that vibe I guess. 

Josh Beardsley: I mean, I try to go out of my comfort zone musically. Like, I was so scared to do this thing with Atheena, but being able to push myself has made me make better decisions. You know? I feel like that’s a good message. But, you would not catch me on Survivor. Maybe Big Brother. 

Marcy Avilez: I could try some Big Brother. 

“Who would be the most likely to get Tik Tok famous? 

Josh Beardsley: Not me! 

Dom Malgioglio: I mean, maybe the bass player. He’s mostly on it. We plan on making a band Tik Tok though. 

“Who’s the most fashionable?” 

Dom Malgioglio: Uhhh…probably Josh? 

Josh Beardsley: Well thank you! 

Dom Malgioglio: I don’t really care what I look like. Bass player is always popping off though. With his sweaters and stuff. 

Josh Beardsley: Thanks….

If you’re interested in listening to Atheena’s latest single “Bipolars”, check out their Instagram at @weareatheena for music related updates, video, and more.

Kaylee Sugimoto | Co-founder / Editor (she/they)

Hi! I’m Kaylee. Born in California, but raised in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest where I quickly learned how to drive 60 on the freeway and become an effective lactose intolerant. I’m a former Division 1 gymnast at Illinois State University, where I’m now focusing on journalism and mass media. I love to skateboard, play my electric bass and listen to the Beatles on my record player. | @kayleesugimoto

Charlotte Steiger | Co-founder / Editor (she/her)

Some know me as a film photographer, others as the Neuroscience major running a zine from California. Depending on the time of day I’m either inspired by indie skateboarders or the aftermath of mixing krokodil with crack. Music wise I’m within The Cure’s top 0.1% of listeners, so take what you will with that. Welcome to White Noise, where creation cannot be ignored. | @cssteiger

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