Creative Writing

funnily enough this is about friendship

By Jacq Mayoral Olascuaga

I want to leave.

Even planning on never coming back 

Fucked up right?

Abandoning everything we’ve built up together

You wouldn’t follow along though

Leaving would be pointless- if you came with,

You’re the reason I’m even leaving in the first place

Say I do leave…

Leave you behind

Can you still stay?

Will you still stay?

Waiting for me like a loyal wife when her husband goes to war?

Though… saying that outloud is unfair to you

You’re not my wife, I don’t think you’d ever want to be my wife

I- I think you’d make a good one though

Would you wait for me?

Despite everything I’ve done to you?

Stringing you along and shutting you out

The reason you’d stay is because you love me

The reason I’d leave is….because I hate you

I love you too though, too much it made me hate you for it

Leaving wouldn’t be hard, if I’m being honest

I won’t blame you if you moved on

You’ll find someone more deserving 

Who I’ll find doesn’t matter.

But- you know, 

if you left?

I’d stay

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