Not Their Best, Not Their Worst

By Sarah Levin


Illinois local band Llo Llo is back at it again with a song for the summer. They’ve been consistent with their ability to write and produce songs that are both individualistic and unique in a way that constructs the best kind of vibe. Their new single “HEART 4 U” brings a new sound that showcases a different side to Llo Llo. This slower paced song combines the ambience of early 2000’s light rock with lyrics that express longing for a romantic relationship and the extreme confusion that comes with it. As a fan of Llo Llo, their new sound is a drastic change from their previous single, “Rabbit’s Moon,” which showcased a sound deemed heavily influenced by shoegaze. “HEART 4 U” however, blends sounds that are undoubtedly late Beatle-esque, fully immersing in the aesthetic and sound of the 70s, with a touch of dramatic humor. Instrumentally, the percussion production in this single stands out. The guitar riff has a great potential to become a nice summer ballad. I feel as though the entire composition flows together wonderfully, except for the lyrics. 

“It takes my breath away / The things that you say to me babe / But I won’t save my heart for you / That would be a waste of me”

Listen, these lyrics are not bad, at all, but the entirety of the song appears to not fully blend. The rhythm and riffs are slower, the lyrics are more genuine, yet something is missing. To begin, the lyrics do not do the instrumental justice. It seems like they typed in “heartbreak cliche” into the search bar and wrote down the first thing that came up. Yes, yes, that is a bit harsh, but I am a listener who listens to lyrics, equally as I do to the melody. Yet, I do not want to completely roast Llo Llo. They have proven time and time again through previous singles and live shows that they have talent… and lots of it. The melody seems to be the prime focus of this track, which was a major success. As mentioned before, the production and “cleanliness” of their sound is extremely impressive. Music is subjective, and that’s the beauty of it. Music is meant to be shared, pieced apart, broken into a million pieces and enjoyed by its every last particle. Although I’m not the biggest fan of certain aspects of this song in particular, I truly think Llo Llo is just beginning their takeover of the local Chicago music scene.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

If you’re interested in listening to the rest of Llo Llo’s discography in the meantime, check out their Spotify here. Also check out their Instagram at @doublello for music related updates, videos, and more.

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