Creative Writing


By Jacklynn Rayne

when i cook for myself, 
when i look closely at flowers and plants, 
when i admire my face and my body, 
when i express my creativity, 
when im in nature, 
in the sun and in the rain, 
when i journal the things im grateful for, 
when i have my headphones on, 
when i stretch my arms, 
when i swim, 
when i see a bumblebee, 
when i skip, 
when i look at cool rocks on the ground, 
when i watch animals, 
when i try on a cute outfit
with shoes that make me feel tall, 
when i sip tea, 
when i make my own coconut milk, 
when i snuggle in my massive crochet blanket, 
when i play in the creek, 
when i look at the sky, 
in daytime or nighttime, 
when i pet an old dog or an old cat, 
when i find inspiration and beauty in the mundane, 
when i read a poem that flows well, 
when i witness the magic of my own power, 
i feel at home in myself.

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