Creative Writing

A Letter To A Stranger


 spent months looking forward to this day

It took hours of planning for me to look a certain way 

No one would see the outfit or makeup that felt so free 

But I was ok because it was all just for me 

Yet there was something sinister in the air that day 

Hell, even outside in the sun there was rain 

I ran inside the building with such delight 

But that was the place I would be assaulted that night 

Under the dark flashing lights and loud sounds surrounding 

There was lots of touching but only one that was confounding 

I wish I saw their face, maybe I could have stopped it 

I would’ve knocked them to their feet with one giant hit

Everything came to a halt that night 

Time has passed and I wish with all my might 

That I can do more than just brush it off 

Or that the woman I told would do more than just scoff

Here I sit feeling broken and alone 

Knowing that the actions of a stranger just cost me my home 

To this day I don’t go in crowds anymore 

You took away a strength I had before 

But despite all the pain you have caused

I turn to writing as a way to respond 

I will find my strength again in time 

And to the person who touched me: I hope that you die

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