Creative Writing

Enough For Tonight

By Evan Wilson

His artwork is cracking in the corner of the kiln

Like an old and silent and unseen old film

Playing only in black and in white.

He takes a quick glance

And it’s enough for tonight.

She kisses the photo of the star from the screen,

She can’t even think to think something obscene.

She’d have him if only he passed within sight.

She thinks and she smiles

And it’s enough for tonight.

The Shepard is waiting for his only one chance.

Fortune and Fate have been avoiding his dance.

He thinks that’s The Star passing, blinking, and bright.

Farewell to his flock,

It’s enough for tonight.

She prepares for the dinner one less stalk of sweet corn

And remembers how he cried on the day he was born.

He’s too young for reason or wisdom or right

But someday he’ll see.

It’s enough for tonight.

A rotted red apple from the trash of the store.

The rattling, rickety railroad floor.

It’s not nearly enough for a nap or a bite

But there he’ll find more.

It’s enough for tonight.

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