Expanding the Rooniverse

Local Champaign-Urbana band Kangaroo Court is kicking down doors… once again with another kickass single, “Spark Ranger.” This followup to the Roo’s earlier single released in April, “Something’s Gotta Give,” solidifies Kangaroo Court as one of the top up-incoming bands within the midwestern rock scene. A voltaic tone emanates from this well-crafted work that seems to slam a cup of Green Day, a dash of Nirvana, a pinch of The Strokes, and a slice of King Gizzard all together. A presentation that solidifies themselves as the perfect combination of both psychedelia and punk rock. 

Slamming his guitar, frontman Jake Luce packs a goosebump-inducing punch of power into his vocals. He’s elevated by Garret Frank who brings heat and vivacity to the stage on lead guitar. Cody Spiezio leads the charge behind on the drums, alongside Noah Tennison who rounds out the crew with thick lines from his bass.

“Spark Ranger” is not only dedicated to, but inspired by National Park ranger Roy Sullivan, known for his numerous incidents where he was struck by lightning and survived.

Despite these seven different occasions, he eventually died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The incredible cover artwork was produced by Maddie Ellis and features the ranger himself being struck by lightning as the band members stand behind and spectate.

I think my fight-or-flight kicked in when I first listened to this song. There’s something about this auditory experience that screams, “Do or Die.” It’s lively, but violent. This single visualizes a march of terror in a lightning storm shot through a fisheye lens taped to a thrifted Sony Handycam. In other words, this hit is brutally cinematic. 

It’s like I’m watching a badass battlefront invasion in slow motion. Like an aerial shot spinning around some stoner’s bedroom as they trip balls. Or it’s also like the soundtrack from that one movie that has a really raunchy sex scene that gives you second hand embarassment when you watch it with your parents.

Anyways, one thing is definite: Be sure to pack your Spiderman bandaids next time you attend a Kangaroo Court show. 

That mosh pit will leave you covered with bruises.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

DJ L. Jelinek | Design Manager (he/they)

Hey, It’s DJ! I’m a designer, writer, and photographer. I make pretty pictures and tell funky stories. Maximalism, Rococo, and Art Nouveau are my favorite art movements, and my favorite artists are Porter Robinson, Kelogsloops, and Zalinki. The editors are holding me captive please send help. Animation holds a soft spot in my heart, and I’ve been really big into Dungeons & Dragons recently. When is the last time you properly flossed?! | | Portfolio

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