Creative Writing

college philosophy class

By Hannah Yale

I am trying to get something

out of my classes, so I

raise my hand and try to apply

what we’re reading

to my life

life is not for any purpose; life 

and everything it encompasses

is an end in itself. 

we must accept that

joy and suffering are both 

intrinsically valuable

he asks for a specific example 

of suffering; how can you accept that?

my best friend died

(my voice shakes)

about nine months ago


a silence falls across the room

as my classmates tune me out

and begin thinking about 

the next thing they want

to say

I think it’s hard to remember that 

the space you take up


the space you leave behind

are equally important

and I know that the hurt

I feel is actually just

pure love for her

I stop talking, 

but I keep thinking:

and she is always with me.

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