Creative Writing

train rides/ me and you/leaving

By Ilana Drake

1 train:

the stop you came on

& i was already there,

seeing your body in

the clump of those

moving into the car

we used to send 

mom & dad 

pictures of these

“mere coincidences,”

times we did not

know we would 

bump into each

other, like long

lost friends 

i left in the early

morning & you 

slept until your

alarm made you

move to start 

the day, but 

i wish there 

was a way

to say 

“thank you,”

you always sat

with those who

did not have a 

seat, you gave

up your seat 

on the train, 

and i never

knew how 

different spaces

are different places

last year, we spoke

words that stayed

between us, a 

pinky promise sealed

with 16 years of 

friendship, and 

then, i realized

you were the 

other half of me.

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