Creative Writing

…Thing that one could be…

By Amir A.

I am all, what else can I be?

I am all, as tree I am tall, and going to old.

I am all, reflection of sun.
I am all, an order has come.

With all like me, the creation of Sea.
With all like me, who just stop to believe.
With all like me, we are not here to pretend.
With all like me, we want our nature present.

I am like one, and one is to be.
I am like one, who wants to be me?
We are like me, go worship on knees.
Creation is to be delightfully sacrificed,

Like animal, or the Mother.

Identity to be created now, not paralyzed,
With the sword of the light that will be killing the


I am in the line, upholding the need.
Really soon, I want to go pee.
She gets faster than me, I am hazy.
Still thinking on this and using the quill.

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