Creative Writing

…Torment, who refuses to see…

By Amir A.

A chain is falling down of Us.
We don’t see more of good, taste crust.
Those locked together have no eyes,
People blamed on broken thighs.
The leader “knows” where we will go,
He’s blind and hits with stick alone.
Was forcing us to kneel and pray.
To build big temple, dedicate.

Still smashed some peeps, cause one is power,

And put us all in hazy tower.

The Brothers got it, once got hit.
Have opened eyes, it’s time to flee.
One freak took a tool, a mystical umbrella,
Another cut the chain with feather.
The chain that locked us all like one,
As rotting stew in front of Sun.

Gliding over the hill with slush.
Umbrella saved us from the shower.
In which all other people crush,
And melt, and getting wet.
Where empty leader eats his bread.
Blind father didn’t realize at all.
Don’t be afraid to use the Knowledge,
It’s key for those who want control.

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