Creative Writing

…Abrupt Poem…

By Amir A.

When day was gone in one big blink,
I find my way, in darkness peace.
How d people know what’s good or nice?
Start playing ape, I am closing eyes.
I ‘ve claimed myself an only One,
That walks impatiently around
The Serpent that won’t end, “Face Out”!

That happiness from misery been circling in, habitually.

I could not understand within,
I am acting weird occasionally.
Some noise that I have talked about,
Have soaked me up by mass and crowd .
I am turning from the good, unpleasant.
Just killed myself in front, I am pheasant.
Still going on with hiding look.

Have opened all the locks that human,
On other human-beings has put.
With no excuse on me, oh please.
Still going on, I sway with tease…

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