Neat Work by DJ Jelinek


Talking their airplanes into nose dives: Insomniac Pilots who carry my lifeless body to rest. Underneath this Maple tree- scribbling…

Ashbary 9/28

Feat. Liminal Space, Blackwater Sniper, and Sawamura No Hitter DJ L. Jelinek | Design Manager (he/they) Hey, It’s DJ! I’m…

Expanding the Rooniverse

Local Champaign-Urbana band Kangaroo Court is kicking down doors… once again with another kickass single, “Spark Ranger.” This followup to…

DJ L. Jelinek | Design Manager (he/they)

Hey, It’s DJ! I’m a designer, writer, and photographer. I make pretty pictures and tell funky stories. Maximalism, Rococo, and Art Nouveau are my favorite art movements, and my favorite artists are Porter Robinson, Kelogsloops, and Zalinki. The editors are holding me captive please send help. Animation holds a soft spot in my heart, and I’ve been really big into Dungeons & Dragons recently. When is the last time you properly flossed?! | | Portfolio