Creative Writing

Haven’t I Given Enough?

By Kyra Auguste

Now it’s been long enough to talk about it.

I’ve started not to doubt it, just wrapped my head around it.

Six times. 

It’s been six times I’ve listened to Gilded Lily 

By Cults

And I still miss being your friend.

I remember when you told me it’s an everyday decision.

It was just us. Two nerds.

We were just coming into the fact 

That we were attractive to people.

And we didn’t love each other,

But we shared that bond.

We also shared the bond of our TA

pissing us both off.

I promised to speak to the professor for you. 

You appreciated me.

But with my double vision, how was I supposed to see the way? 

I thought I was doing you a service 

A kindness even 

By inviting you to tea when you broke up with that girl

I listened to you mope and cry.

I was there for you.

You took a girl home that night.

You started flirting with my roommate.

I thought you were just trying to cope 

In a wildly unhealthy way. 

I offered my advice again, but you dared call me

A cockblock.

What hurt the most, is when I found out 

You didn’t even care about me.

You’d rather hang out with a girls who don’t want you 

Than me, your friend. 

I wanted to share experiences with you.

You wanted to fuck my roommate. 

Was I not enough for you?

What didn’t I do?

And why did you look at me like that, 

Like you couldn’t understand what you did wrong?

Haven’t I given enough?

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