Creative Writing

Creation №X

By Amir A.

I do write down some words sometimes,
Unskillfully to put them all together.
But my soul is getting cramps,
Self realization is an enemy forever.
Its getting small for me, where Agnes?
The life and inner self is madness!

It all comes down to the death,
Who realizes with itselves.
A thought of innocence of Light,
A thought of Sun that brings the knight.
Keep hands away from pond,
Playing round with Lightning Bolt.

And there are lots of men around,
Who came about from other land.
Realize themselves and found,
What will we play like, with a sand.

I was told that I, an enemy of yours.
Maybe true, a thought that loops around like a struggle.
But who is up to lead the warriors,

That possibly are bringing an infinite battle?
-”What is the War about? Good and Evil”?
-”Unfortunately, I can’t report you on big issue.
It’s all a mess with these, my friend”!
The world is just an irrational material torture,
With an ideological perspective to be bent.
Screaming and crying, what do I be, just a depicture?
I am an introverted and useless creature.

Self-realization is an enemy forever.
Struggling with no escape, its now all here,
Oh no, There!

With all my head wrapped up in it now,
I am tired of stuff and broken down.
Tired of world, got bored and created, a bright,
Similar Sun that’s brought by a knight.
This idea may seem like curse
That reflects my fool in the universe.

But still my soul as it will always,
Be a keeper of a snake,
Destroys all round what I say.

And eats an egg of bird of freedom,
Everybody chasing seed of
Life, and absurd Beauty
And I’ll just stop 🙂

No, I wasn’t mad at this right moment,
Avant-garde, to write while sad?
They don’t get it, not surprised.
Will hurt me though in some way bad.

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