Jotted Down by Izzy Braico

Premiere: BANK BROKE by Skuff Micksun

By Izzy Braico If Skuff Micksun’s new single, “BANK BROKE” is anything, it is energetic. The song even begins with the likes of a motivational speech:  “Alright, let’s try and be positive, okay? Okay,” he says.  Throughout the last few years, Micksun’s upbeat energy and positive vibes have amassed him a following of over 50k…

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Is Abe Vigoda Dead? Yes. No. Probably. 

A Review of trust blinks.’ New Album, Streaming Now By Izzy Braico When we got an email in our inbox asking us to put out a piece on Is Abe Vigoda Dead, the new album from LA-based trust blinks., my interest was immediately piqued.  I’m not much of a movie buff, so I hope you…

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On the Spending of My Tax Return

By Izzy Braico I’ve been feeling empty just like my junk drawer, so I’ll down another beer and drunk drive to the junk store where I fill my basket  with misuses of space, of time, of money, God, it feels good to waste. And when I crash my car  on the mile drive home the…

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What’s All the “Worry” About?

By Izzy Braico Introspective and profoundly ethereal, “Worry” is the second single from Las Vegas native Joey Miceli in anticipation of his upcoming album, The Standard Portrait. Although the deep pulse of the beat and captivating vocals make “Worry” sound primed for radio play, they do not disguise the simple poetry of Miceli’s lyrics. The…

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Language Barrier

By Izzy Braico I’m not practiced in the art of calling things by their names, in stating what is plain, what is true. No, I prefer to lounge  in the language of metaphor, where most things are either borrowed or blue. Every tree in the park reaches, desperate for the sky.  I find that time…

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Turning Water into Vinegar: A Chat with Great Value Jesus

By Izzy Braico When I met with Noah Renken-Kapatos in a sound booth tucked in the basement of ISU’s Center for the Visual Arts, my first question was about his stage name: Great Value Jesus. It had been the question at the forefront of my mind in the days leading up to our chat about…

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New Singles Out Now from Great Value Jesus

By Izzy Braico Big Things Coming Soon is the newest work from Normal native Noah Renken-Kapatos, performing under the name Great Value Jesus. The album follows the semi-autobiographical story of coming of age under the hateful watch of a step-father and the difficulties that come with complicated family dynamics, especially for young people still lost…

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By Izzy Braico it’s not what i expected this vast and lonely scene i suppose this side of Paradise wasn’t meant to be serene. and like all the butterflies pinned, wriggling, to the wall their desire makes you bigger but time will make you small reaching towards nothing towards Anything the sky the whispers on…

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Waste Not, Want More

By Izzy Braico Just the other day, I went thrift shopping with my friends in downtown Bloomington. We stopped at one of our favorite stores for the same reason you stop in at any thrift store: to try on silly hats, to find unique pieces and humble-brag about how it was thrifted, and to hold…

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By Izzy Braico dawn shudders back to life, and you watch as  sunlight filters through the leaves, dancing gently down to the moss  on the forest floor.  the light glimmers on  the scales of the fish which have lived in this river since the earth can remember. your eyes are caught in the trees, dear…

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bird song

By Izzy Braico I throw stones at birds, Hoping they’ll miss. I do not envy you your experience, Though I know you think I should. I find you rarely hold your tongue, Though I sometimes wish you would. I want to forget The things that I’ve done– Not to name yours As a heart that…

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Chuck’s Papas From The Ground Up

By Izzy Braico & Charlotte Steiger 3/4ths La Grange, 1/4th townie. This is Chuck’s Papas. Self-proclaimed modern poet and ashamed ginger Harrison Gordon has a house with all the charm of an aging rockstar. The front door opens to reveal a living room screaming midwestern hell. It leaves us horrified by the looks of a…

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The Anatomy of an Apology

By Izzy Braico As someone studying rhetoric, I believe that words are powerful. They have the capability to make us feel, think, and act in ways that we might not expect, or that we might not recognize. Recently, I’ve noticed that two simple words have a lot more impact than we necessarily give them credit…

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Growing Pains

By Izzy Braico you’ll ignore the parts of me that are too realistic, and protest the dollar with homemade picket signs and hold onto those foolish anarchist cries that chuckle like wind chimes in  your ears. you’ll let the sound of my voice disappear as the north wind threatens  to carry you home–  you’ll go…

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Izzy Braico | Co-founder / Editor (she/her)

Hey everyone! My name’s Izzy, and I’m a writer from the suburbs of Chicago. I’m studying English, German, and philosophy at ISU. Along with White Noise, I’m editor in chief of Euphemism, ISU’s creative arts journal. Lately, I’ve been really into Mary Oliver’s poetry, grilled cheese with tomato, and the Oxford comma. | @izzy.braico

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