Creative Writing

Rules for Nightpeople 

By Kyra Auguste

Hello! If you’re reading this, you’re like me!

You’re Nightpeople! Good for you!

There’s some rules you should know, though. 

Don’t worry!

I’m here to help! 

During the daytime, the normal ones come out.

They wear their normal clothes

And listen to their normal music.

They go to their normal coffee shops 

And order their normal drinks.

They walk with their drinks to their normal job and 

Type, type, type until the sun falls. 

When the sun falls, they drive their normal cars back to their normal homes and normal families.

When all of them are home, 

That’s when the Nightpeople can come out.

You can wear your weird hairstyles 

With your weird makeup 

And your weird clothes and 

accessories that go jingle-jangle.

You can go see that weird band 

Play that weird music 

In the designated weird social spaces.

(Don’t worry, I’ll show you where they are.) 

You can drink your weird drinks 

With your weird friends 

And tell that weird joke you and only other Nightpeople will get.

Isn’t that fun?

But once the sun rises, the fun is done. 

Once the sun rises, you have to run.

If a normal man sees you, he’ll try to catch you

And keep you like an exotic pet.

But once you make too much of a fuss, 

He’ll drop you and let you shatter 

Into a million pieces.

So run. 

Run back to your weird home 

With your weird decorations 

And hopefully your just as weird roommates or partner

Will let you feel safe in your own weird home.

Do not leave unless you have a normal disguise.

Do not leave until the sun falls again.

Do not let the normal ones see you without a disguise.

They will stare, record, bark, and remind you that this is not your time of day. 

They will see you as a threat and call reinforcements.

You don’t belong out there at that time.

You are safe only under the cover of night. 

The night is accepting. 

The night is forgiving and forgetful.

No one talks about the Nightpeople 

Unless they are out during the day.

There are those who rebel against the rules

and proudly go out during the day.

I do, but I know how to protect myself 

From the normal ones’  judgment.

Though, you still seem like you’re afraid of their judgment. 

Are you?

It’s okay if you are. 

But if you are, 

Please follow the rules. 

I’d hate to see you cry.

One reply on “Rules for Nightpeople ”

This is Awesome!!!
I like the repetitive use of normal, sounds like normal is bad. Not really bad, its just dull. This is a great piece reminding freaks ( in a good way) to stay freak and hip, not loose their ardour.


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