Creative Writing

Triangular Shape of a Formless Beauty

By Amir A.

I) Intellectual Base

Taste that with touch,

Perceive and no fudge.

Feel it, dive in!

The mom of free will.

One Layer to burn,

Superficial, Protective,

So pleasing, as fur.

Be born to be ended…

II) Soulful Peak

To Create and Promote,

To Disgust and Abort.

The Legends and Marks,

Leftovers and Stars.

Lifting the Spirit,

Broadening Self.

With no need to kill it,

Transcend ringing Bell…

III)Materialistic End

To claim that is True,

The Truth is in You.

These Travels and walks,

Gatherings, Talks.

Comfort is now,

What will keep some exist.

Evolve to put Crown

Of Nature’s Sophist…

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