Creative Writing

postulations on mortality

By Dune Popov


“i am permanent

while those around me are not”

its a mantra

it sounds like a choir

divine echoes against stained glass

each repetition stacking atop itself

until it all shatters

i want to grab the nearest person and marry them

feel their hands down the small of my back

and have them tell me its okay

its not

it never will be


permanence is relative in a universe of entropy

something achieved by all but never experienced

something experienced just once


its always felt unnatural to me

the thought of dual permanence

how forever becomes a prison

and never becomes a cell

he paints it over with a golden sheen

blinding to my young eyes

and in my childhood room

i feel dread for the first time


there is a black hole inside each of us

and one day mine will consume everything and everyone ive ever known

one day, yours will too

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