What’s All the “Worry” About?

By Izzy Braico

Introspective and profoundly ethereal, “Worry” is the second single from Las Vegas native Joey Miceli in anticipation of his upcoming album, The Standard Portrait.

Although the deep pulse of the beat and captivating vocals make “Worry” sound primed for radio play, they do not disguise the simple poetry of Miceli’s lyrics. The song evokes the emotional turmoil of loving someone else and the fear that comes with it. 

“It’s a tragedy/that I believe/I am just a friend/in your eyes again.” 

The song, though it reads as deeply personal, is still intensely relatable. We all know what it’s like to stress over what someone else thinks of us, especially when we care about them deeply. 

“Worry” follows Miceli’s anxieties about love as he wonders whether he can ever truly be “enough” for the person he cares about.

As Miceli describes it, “Worry” is about the fear that comes along when it feels like a relationship is going too well, about the kind of bliss that makes you think that things can only go down from there.

Could there be something that they’re not telling you? Can you ever really fulfill them?

Miceli doesn’t offer us answers to those questions. In fact, he doesn’t even try. 

As I understand it, “Worry” isn’t about telling someone that you’ve got it all figured out, but that you care enough, at least, to let it drive you crazy. 

To chase your fears down the rabbit hole.

Check out Joey Miceli’s new single, “Worry,” out now on all streaming platforms. The Standard Portrait will be dropping March 10– keep your eyes peeled for a White Noise interview with the artist to be released the same day.

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