Creative Writing poetry

paint from my teeth

By Abby Karstrand

The paint on the ceiling creates crunchy bubbles

Water damage accumulates over time

But not that much time

From my seat I can see the delicious gaps between the paint and dry wall

I pull a step stool directly under the water stain

And reach my fingers up to the ceiling

Into the ceiling

And the paper-like layers of paint 


Under such a light pressure

And crumble

Covering my fingers in flakes

I press into the paint

And use my finger nails to scrape it off the ceiling

Feeling the flakes gather

Kind of sharp, but not stiff enough to hurt me

When I rub my fingers together, the flakes turn into dust

I bring my hands to my face and examine

And eat the paint flakes

The particles get stuck in my teeth

I run my tongue over

Trying to dislodge

Paint from my teeth.

Paint mostly tastes like dirt

A pretty neutral flavor

Then I brush

Decide to floss

Undo the damage

And wear lipstick when I’m alone.

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