Premiere: BANK BROKE by Skuff Micksun

By Izzy Braico

If Skuff Micksun’s new single, “BANK BROKE” is anything, it is energetic. The song even begins with the likes of a motivational speech: 

“Alright, let’s try and be positive, okay? Okay,” he says. 

Throughout the last few years, Micksun’s upbeat energy and positive vibes have amassed him a following of over 50k on TikTok. And it’s easy to see why– the enthusiasm and emotion that he brings to his music seems ripe for everything from dance videos to background music. “BANK BROKE” is practically manufactured to go viral.

Although Micksun has many other singles under his belt, this marks the first single off his EP Wrapped Up In Wind, due out later this year. This will be the first longer work that he’s released since 2020. 

About the track, Micksun wrote, “I had recently quit my job and checked my bank account which triggered the first lyric and title of the song, ‘BANK BROKE.’ It felt so good to get that raw emotion of being down and out into a song that feels hopeful and upbeat.”

As someone who once had their card declined on a $3 coffee, I can relate. 

“’BANK BROKE’ is a voice in your head that just won’t let you quit no matter how hard things get,” he continued. “We’ve all been in what seems to be impossible positions and I think many people will relate to that feeling. Simply, an anthem for the people who are really trying to crawl their way out of a hole.”

These days, it’s easy to resign yourself to the doom and gloom that pop up everywhere you look like a futile game of whack-a-mole. Micksun’s ruthless optimism provides a refreshing change of pace.

“BANK BROKE” will be released on Wednesday, March 8th. Check it out here. Click here to check out Skuff Micksun on Instagram.

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