DAYDREAM Miscellaneous

Adventure of Mr. Trypt and Amine

By Amir A. 

Trypt: What? When?
Amine: Why? How?
Trypt: Distortion, huh? Mind, huh?
Amine: Initial input is spun by the senses a.k.a body functions, compared to the pile of previous
signals interactions a.k.a experiences stored subconsciously.
Trypt: Moral development, duh…
Amine: Oh Come on,
Soundpaper and Dune towel
To the rhythms of Cozy Powell.
Mathematician counting one, two
three, four, five, six…
Each dust piece.
To see and seize the whole puzzle of Osiris.
Music drifts, mind changes,
Mood swings and the whole generation sleeps.
Math cries and literature unwantedly screams too.
Mother can’t stand
Friends can’t stand
Helpers can’t stand
Very poor written text.
Can’t stand it.
Brown shit squeaks with a high pitch and explodes.
Slowly rebuilding the quietness of the jazz chambers.
Oooone and a twoooo and a oooone and a twoooo…(slowly repeat three times)
People are on something (on something), urinating
With the plasma of an Eternal Circle,
Feeling the warmth of the sounds produced with the words:
“Oh, Osiris!”
Trypt: Did you hear some White Noise, pal?
Amine: What is your name?
Trypt: Reflection.
Amine: Reflection of Madness, nice to meet you!
Reflection of Madness: Hey Hey, I got you today in my dream.

Methanol asparagus

Smoothly bends
Over the shoulder
Creating a fractal of the never-ending rolls
Of daw that ends up as a strawberry pie (mmm)
The price of salt of one small rolling tear. Collecting a gram of that salt.
The price reflection pays upon entering The Cherub’s Palace.
No place for me in here, prophets are dead.
Who is a Human in the scene?
Only one is capable of carrying fish to be cooked
By the family, naked pure, and primitive.
While puffing plants and drinking funny potions, Feast.
What is the Profit of being thy Prophet?

Trypt: Will you marry me?
Reflection of Madness: Whitenoise is the witness.
Amine: Adults and kids will be scared, shall we proceed?

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