DAYDREAM Miscellaneous

My Daydream

By Cailin Perez

Daydreaming for me is running away from it all. I’m leaving the mundane day to day. I run away from a safe relationship, my best friends, my amazing mother. I run from my nice room, with my nice clothes, and my nice things. I’m running toward the greener grass. I’m daydreaming about passion, love, lust, excitement.

Usually, I am daydreaming about being “The One” in everyone’s life. I dream about  being “the one” best friend. The one you feel comfortable telling anything to. What makes you  happy, sad, that your parents suck, how scared you are of the future, and how you wish you  could love yourself more. Being “the one” best friend that after years you confess your love to.  Then you share the most effortless kiss and all tension releases. It’s Euphoric. In this moment, nothing in my life will ever feel as right as that. I daydream of meeting and being “the one” who I can love and feel loved by unconditionally. The kind that sweeps you off your feet  makes you nervous before date night and after a lifetime still takes the breath out of your lungs  with every touch. I daydream that I will run away and find that love in some exotic, unrealistic way. I daydream about the best sex with the best music. Hopefully at the same time in the  comfiest sheets with a coastal breeze flooding in the windows and the smell of sweat soaked  saltwater sunscreen in the air. I daydream about good food with good people. The meals you could still taste if you thought about it long enough. I daydream about the man I wish he could be, the friend I need him to be, the ways I want her to support me, and how great it would be if that one person was out of my life. 

In these dreams I’m forgetting everything there was before. Anything that ever mattered, doesn’t matter now. 

I daydream about so much because I’m so far from the moment. I daydream to take the  leaps I usually wouldn’t. I don’t have to risk losing everything just for the chance of something. I daydream to escape the issues I can’t seem to find in my relationship, the great friendships I’ve  formed, the endless support I receive, and the incredible life I’ve had so far. 

What an interesting concept a daydream is. Even when we have everything, we feel like we have nothing, so what we can imagine becomes infinite.  

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