Stomach Rumblies

By Edcel Javier Cintron Gonzalez

Sometimes, my stomach rumblies send me a notification / a sensation where I’m unsure if my body will act in motion / with what my mind is feeling at the moment / and my own relationship with food from past, present, and future enrollment / as I try and try again my best to finish this doctorate degree / and how my eating has adapted the same behavior as my stress / an embodied sensation I wish I didn’t had / for sometimes, my stomach rumblies whisper to me a faint sound / a slight vibration where I am unsure of my hunger / my need for food / my desire to enjoy a taste meal / as I try to mentally prepare my own self and my hungry self for another day in school / a brave face that I wear as a mask / to not show my vulnerability towards other / the second hand embarrassment I would feel if people knew the state of my own sanity / and if they would
believe my lived experience or take it as my own exaggeration / for POC stories are set aside and thrown in the trash / as how my stomach, sometimes makes the rumblies when I feel tired / when I feel sick of eating food I love / where the taste of it is no longer there / where my nostalgia for local food from my homeland calls on me as the second coming of frozen / as the ocean calls on their islander children to come back home…

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