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What is White Noise?!

White Noise Zine found its beginning in a dorm room with three editors: Kaylee, Izzy, and Charlotte. The magazine itself is a hub for anything creative: poetry, art, photography, and so much more. You name it, and we’ll find a place for it. We’re on a mission to make a space for stories that won’t get told anywhere else. When you share your art with us, you’re helping us to share your story with the world.

Welcoming our editors

Kaylee Sugimoto (she/they)

Hi there, I’m Kaylee! I was born in California but raised in Portland, Oregon. I’m a retired Division 1 athlete, and now study journalism and psychology at ISU. If I’m not on campus, I’m probably on a mountain or somewhere without service in the desert. So don’t text, I mean it. | @kayleesugimoto

Izzy Braico (she/her)

Hey everyone! My name’s Izzy, and I’m a writer from the suburbs of Chicago. I’m studying English, German, and philosophy at ISU. Along with White Noise, I’m editor in chief of Euphemism, ISU’s creative arts journal. Lately, I’ve been really into Mary Oliver’s poetry, grilled cheese with tomato, and the Oxford comma. | @izzy.braico

Charlotte Steiger (she/her)

Consecutively for the past 3 years I’ve become nothing except The Cure’s top 0.1% of listeners on Spotify. Or a Californian trying to earn a Neuroscience degree when I’m not practically taking stock images for the school paper (at least, sometimes). Or a dabbler in the art of “free-printing-advocacy-for-indie-zines-everywhere” as some have come to regret discovering. In short, welcome to White Noise. | @cssteiger

Remarkable Visualites

DJ L. Jelinek | Design Manager (he/they)

Hey, It’s DJ! I’m a designer, writer, and photographer. I make pretty pictures and tell funky stories. Maximalism, Anti-Design, and Y2K are my favorite design trends. My favorite artists are Porter Robinson, Kelogsloops, and Zalinki. The editors are holding me captive please send help. Animation holds a soft spot in my heart, and I’ve been really big into Dungeons & Dragons recently. When is the last time you properly flossed?! | @iss.green | Portfolio

AJ Gardner | Photographer (they/them)

My name is AJ. If I’m not taking pictures at a live show I’m playing roadie, trying to help find venues to book, or performing myself! In school, I am studying to be a teacher for blind students. Unlearning ableism and creating accessible environments are things I am passionate about and I am always open to new perspectives. | @ajdgphotography | Portfolio

Savannah Raff | Photographer (she/her)

Hi I’m Saf! I’m from the Chicago ‘burbs & am here at ISU to pursue Art Education, Spanish, & Photography. I love cappuccinos, hot girl walks, cats, green tea, & lists. I’m part of Phoebe Bridgers’ top 0.1% of listeners (yes you should fear me) & I make a playlist for anything & everything. I’m drawn to portrait & concert photography & am especially interested in portraying womanhood & femininity through my images. Music recs are always welcome! | @savannahraffphoto

Our Incredible Writers

Kyah Joseph | Columnist (she/her)

My name is Kyah Joseph and I like to call myself a southern gal because I was born in Louisiana (and moved before I even turned 1). I enjoy all things that are pretty and pink, especially micropigs. I write about the different tweets that come across my timeline. Some are thought-provoking and others I just found funny. This is the first magazine I have ever written for and I am truly excited to share my thoughts as a freelance writer. If I’m not writing for White Noise I’m either watching Survivor or listening to Hotel Ugly. | @kleigh419

Lily Hoveke | Music Columnist (they/them)

Hi, I’m Lily! I’m currently studying sociology and psychology, and I’m really passionate about music. I have a collection of plants and love to read in my spare time. When I’m not writing, you can probably find me at a concert, or anywhere that has iced coffee! | @lily.0802

Dune Popov | Columnist (they/them)

Hey, I’m Dune! I’m majoring in English with a concentration in publishing, but I also draw and make music in my spare time. I have previously worked for the Euphemism literary journal and the Feral Feminisms digital publication as an editor/copy editor. | @another.thursday

Michael Orpen | Music Columnist (they/them)

Hello! I am silly goofy little guy who is passionate about many things, but most importantly music, history, politics, film and activism. I love all music new and old with a particular focus on the Progressive rock and Extreme Metal movements. I also love art and creative expression of all kinds! Don’t get me started on niche historical concepts, underappreciated Detroit rock bands, or obscure silent art films about rekindling lost love. Unless, of course, you’re ready for a long unwanted rant. | @thereal_orpen

Hannah Yale | Columnist (they/she)

Hello, I’m Hannah! Right now I’m studying to get my Bachelors degree majoring in Public Policy Studies and minoring in Philosophy. When I’m not crying about school, you may find me foraging in the woods, hanging out with my girlfriend and our cat, listening to a hyper-specific playlist, or exploring an abandoned place. I’m super passionate about queer issues, disability rights, the environment, and a thousand other things that may find their way into my writing. | @hannahyale5

Ryan Cox | Web Designer (he/him)

I’m a senior here at ISU majoring in publishing studies with a minor in Spanish. I was born in Y2K with the capacity to feel things and a very rotund head. I love art and especially love seeing it in motion. I believe my purpose is to cultivate other people’s creative energy, as well as my own. In my free time, I enjoy writing silly little songs on my guitar, reading, playing Magic The Gathering, and exploring with my friends. | @ryanmossington

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Editor Photos by Savannah Raff