gif “the slow bleed” by DeeDee

journal scan “I ONLY CALL YOU WHEN I NEED YOU x VIOLET RIOT” by DJ L. jelinek

makeup look “…florals to nod to me blooming into another year of life” by juju manalang

“closer” by tiredartistt

doodles by sabrina gaber

“‘o my heart’ redesign” & “‘pop food’ redesign” by brennan kane

digital collage “sunlight” by deedee

artwork by jacklynn uhlig

pen drawings by abby karstrand

“consuming milk” by kolin wilkins

journal scan “YOU CHANGED YOUR BEHAVIOR” by DJ L. jelinek

digital collage “in pursuit of permanence” by deedee

“Does the stinkiest flower in the world know it smells like shit?” by jay johnston

journal scan “I’m sorry your therapy pet died.” by DJ L. jelinek